Through the worlds of health communication – with 3D animation

KarpaloGroup has for many years taken part in Pharmacy Days, a Finnish conference and exhibition for professionals in pharmaceutical industry. Year 2019, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to dive into the possibilities of 3D animation.

Our goal: to create a stunning world from scratch.

Our goal was to design a game-like video that would be stunning to look at. The exhibition visitor could visit our exhibition stand at any time to watch the video, so there could be no chronology in the story. The video would be showed in a loop mode: as it ended, it would start again from the beginning.

We created four different visual worlds using the newest 3D animation technology. With dolly shot we achieved a realistic, game-like feel.

3D technology is an ambient way to tell a story. It isn’t the fastest way, but it sure is compelling.

The first demos of the visual world inspired a story. The character would navigate in the four worlds of health marketing looking for the four pieces of the secret ingredient. Watch the video to find out what the pieces are.