Case Novartis: Disease awareness campaign for psoriasis

Our #haastapsori disease awareness campaign was a continuation of Novartis’s previous campaign. The main goal was to inform people with psoriasis that symptomless or almost symptomless skin can be achieved with modern treatments. With this campaign we wanted to encourage people with psoriasis to challenge their skin condition.

The most common ages for the first symptoms of psoriasis are between 18 and 20 or 50 and 60. This time we wanted to speak directly to these target groups. Our core message “Kaikki iholla ei ole ikuista” (Not everything on your skin lasts forever) was accompanied by a strong and visually captivating metaphor of psoriasis as a tattoo – as part of the individual’s identity. Based on our keyword analysis, we also decided that the website needed content that matched the popular keywords. We interviewed a doctor and shot videos inspired directly by the most commonly used Google keywords.

During the campaign there were over 7,000 visits to the campaign website ( Google Ads CTR was over 13% at its highest, and for three out of four videos the view rate on YouTube was over 30%. The new videos on the website were viewed over 5,000 times and emotional Facebook ads attracted engagements and successfully guided traffic to the campaign website.