Case Lääkärikeskus Pirsy: Weight of worry is the heaviest of them all

Lääkärikeskus Pirsy is a medical center maintained by a non-profit organisation, Cancer Society of Pirkanmaa. The medical center wanted to distinguish itself even more clearly from the society actions. We started our work by creating a new, fresh visual look for Lääkärikeskus Pirsy. We then renewed the web site and turned this small, sympathetic medical center even more approachable and visible.

The next step was to design a launch campaign with strong, visible colors and a clear message: when you carry the weight of worry, we take it seriously. The campaign was seen outdoors, on Facebook and of course on Google, in which people make their health related searches. We also worked with the press to maximise the local awareness of Lääkärikeskus Pirsy.