Case Precosa: The highlights of life without diarrhea

On December 2019, we were asked to build a new creative concept for diarrhea medicine Precosa: a concept that would be adaptable to all kinds of situations and target groups for future campaigns.

We felt like that the product needed a touch of nordic, laconic humor. We asked ourselves: what are the worst situations to get diarrhea in? Soon we came up with a concept ”H-hetki ilman ripulia” – or ”the highlights of life without diarrhea”.

Theme of the first ad was inspired by Finnish football team’s historical triumph of qualifying for European Championship. In our TV ad, tension is the key factor. We see a long bench with football players while a piece of a cappella music is playing in the background.

Finally, it is revealed that one of the players is sitting on a toilet seat. The courier quietly passes the player some toilet paper which he grasps, not making a huge number of it – the Finnish style!

TV is a perfect channel for creating awareness, but in order to get the product sold excellent POS materials are needed.

We created minimalistic POS materials to make the product stand out in pharmacies and to lift the brand recognition rate. We conveyed only the essential, telling what makes Precosa different from other products.