Case Kaleorid: there’s an easier way to increase your potassium intake

Low potassium level or hypokalemia is usually caused by excessive potassium loss. Different foods are a good source for replenishing, but in Finland, the most common way for treating and preventing hypokalemia is one over-the-counter potassium supplement.

Sold solely at pharmacies, Kaleorid has been on the market for 50 years with the same formulation. To celebrate the anniversary and to remind the audience of this pharmaceutical classic we created the cheerful Kaleorid campaign with just the right amount of information.

The central campaign message was to inform pharmacies and also HCP audiences of an easier way to increase potassium levels. We chose classic potassium-rich food sources for visualizing Kaleorid’s potassium content: if eating a whole heap of potatoes isn’t appealing, try Kaleorid instead.