Case Amgen – your bones are invaluable

This print campaign came 2nd in the Magazine ad of the month contest 11-12/2021! Read more about the contest.

Osteoporosis is an insidious disease. Over the years, this disease weakens the bones slowly and silently, until something breaks.

Osteoporosis or bone loss is more common than you would think. In Finland, approximately one in three women over 50 and one in five men will experience a fracture affected by osteoporosis. Especially women over 55 are in danger of osteoporosis as the production of natural anti-osteoporotic hormone, oestrogen is reduced after menopause.

Bone fracture is often the first symptom of osteoporosis. Unfortunately, the underlying causes of a broken bone are not always researched in medical care. Unresearched bone fracture gives osteoporosis an opportunity to continue its destructive work. At worst, osteoporosis can lead to a hip fracture that significantly impairs functioning and can even lead to death.

Our client wanted to raise awareness of the different symptoms of osteoporosis and encourage potential patients to apply for bone density measurement to find the disease before hip fracture.

We designed an extensive print advertising campaign for women’s magazines that surprisingly connects bones with objects that disappear in everyday life, thus making osteoporosis easier to approach. With the campaign, we wanted not only to provide information, but also to give the reader the opportunity to stop by the ad and find interesting details herself. Interaction will make the important message more memorable.

Regardless of your age and sex, remember to take care of the bones. New ones cannot be purchased.