Case Brunberg: Renewal of the traditional sweet brand

Our collaboration with the traditional chocolate factory Brunberg has continued for over a decade.

Brunberg Oy is a chocolate factory located in the historical town of Porvoo. Brunberg creates unforgettable flavours that transcend generations. This family company is, deservingly, one of Finland’s most loved sweet brands.

2020 – renewing the iconic Kiss box

The most famous Brunberg sweet is cholocate-coated foam candy, Kiss (Suukko).

We redesigned the look of the most iconic package: the big box of Brunberg Kisses. We added something new while paying respect to the original design. The cover picture now has an atmospheric illustration of Porvoo in the 50’s – right from the birth time and place of Kiss foam candy.

2021 – celebrating 150 years of good taste

On year 2021, our client celebrated its 150th anniversary. In honor of the anniversary year, Brunberg opened a long-awaited web store. On anniversary year a video was also produced, that captures the most essential thing about Brunberg.

There is always time for a TAUKO

The year 2022 began with the launch of a new, crispy snack product family Tauko (meaning a break or a pause) for which we designed the product name coupled with matching packaging.

Enjoyable moments for lovers of good!