Case Brunberg: Renewal of the traditional sweet brand

Our collaboration with the traditional chocolate factory Brunberg has continued for over a decade.
On year 2021, our client celebrates its 150th anniversary. Congratulations, Brunberg – we are proud to be part of your story!

Brunberg Oy is a chocolate factory located in the historical town of Porvoo. Brunberg creates unforgettable flavours that transcend generations. This family company is,
deservingly, one of Finland’s most loved sweet brands.

The era of new packages and social media

In 2012, we started renewing the packages of Brunberg. We gave new outfits to wide range of sweets and also helped to redesign the Brunberg store in Porvoo old town. The next step was to take Brunberg to social media. On Facebook and Instagram, we celebrate the story of this traditional sweet brand with athmospheric visuals and texts that
truly bring water to the tongue. Our 31,000 followers on Facebook actively respond to our content and make our posts even more alive.

2020 – Renewing the iconic Kiss box

The most famous Brunberg sweet is cholocate-coated foam candy, Kiss (Suukko).

We redesigned the look of the most iconic package: the big box of Brunberg Kisses. We added something new while paying respect to the original design. The cover picture now has an atmospheric illustration of Porvoo in the 50’s – right from the birth time and place of Kiss foam candy.

2021 – It’s time to celebrate 150 years of good taste

In honor of the anniversary year, Brunberg opened a long-awaited web store. In addition, a sophisticated, blackcurrant flavored foam candy, “Anniversary Kiss” (Juhlasuukko) was launched. On anniversary year a video was also produced, that captures the most essential thing about Brunberg.

Enjoyable moments for lovers of good!