Case Alcon Nordic: Your vision, your choice

Everyone gets cataracts eventually. Shouldn’t this mean that everyone has the right to know the options of cataract surgery?

Yes, it should. Shockingly, only a small proportion of the target group know that during cataract surgery it is possible to correct other refractive errors: such as presbyopia. Alcon Nordic wanted to change this.

March 2019, we launched a health awareness campaign concerning the options of cataract and lens surgery. At the heart of our campaign is a story about a couple that has always made their own choices. They chose to travel, they chose each other – and they should also be able to choose if they want to see their world with or without glasses.

The story is told in many channels: radio, magazines, Google and Youtube that has become a good channel in reaching +55 year olds. To provide deeper information on the subject we published an advertorial online and on print magazines based on an interview with two eye surgeons. We also renewed the campaign page with Google optimized content.