Pot of gold at the end of a customer survey

Johanna Kestilä

After participating in the popular Regi Agency of the Year research, KarpaloGroup was awarded #1 Creative Agency of the Year 2022. The Swedish market research firm Regi runs the competition once a year in Finland and success in the race is based solely on B2B customer satisfaction.

According to our customers, KarpaloGroup excels in creativity, industry and market knowledge and project management. I am particularly proud of our best-in-category marks on perceived business benefits created by marketing because of all the marketing buyers out there, our customers were the most satisfied with the business benefits they received. This only goes to show that once you do marketing with your whole heart, marketing costs can translate into business advantages with far-reaching impacts.

Here at KarpaloGroup, focus on providing an outstanding customer experience runs through all our processes as customer needs are at the centre of all our work.

Thorough understanding of customer experience has great significance. When designing marketing for our customers, we are keeping in mind their long-term goals: who is the final customer? Our employees are long-term professionals with industry-specific expertise which they share among their fellow colleagues; this cross-pollination of skills gives KarpaloGroup exceptional strength.

Providing excellent customer experiences requires hard work. We are thrilled to work with our customers, who are open to trying new approaches. Open dialogue allows KarpaloGroup and our customer to work as one team. Our customer relationships are long, and a closer look reveals how each team feels true ownership over their product. Customers trust our expertise which leaves room for exploring new ideas; this can lead to outstanding results.

We celebrate our success, but instead of embracing the thought that we are complete, we carry on elaborating our processes. As the ripple effects of Covid-19 continue to change the world, we must explore new ways to fulfil customer needs as marketing solutions that used to work before may not be what the end client finds useful today. In addition, peoples’ preferred ways of engaging with content have changed, so we need to listen carefully and react rapidly to evolving customer needs.

For us, the first place in the Agency of the Year competition is much more than achievement. The results of the research provide us with important information on both our performance and on customers’ priorities. Also, anonymous feedback is a valuable tool for strategic planning. Going through the results together put a wide smile on everyone’s face. We wouldn’t be here without our customers and employees. Thank you for making this possible!

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