KarpaloGroup is the proven number one.

Johanna Kestilä

KarpaloGroup is the proven* number one. Our Customer Satisfaction Index score is 9.7 on a scale of 1-10, the highest overall score in the Agency of the Year 2024 survey conducted by independent research consultancy Regi Ab.

We achieved Best Practice status in eight of the categories surveyed:

KarpaloGroup’s overall customer satisfaction score has increased since last year. In terms of overall scores, we were therefore number one in the entire survey. This is despite the fact that this year, our gold award was replaced by silver. The criteria for the awards have changed, so there is now a slight difference between the survey itself and the competition.

We have been successful for several years in a row and it feels incredibly good. I feel a great sense of pride and joy and at the same time, in a traditional Finnish way, I don’t want to get too proud or forget the enormous professionalism, continuous development and depth of knowledge that this requires from all of us.

Planning the marketing of medicines and health-critical products requires special skills. Successful marketing is a good service, and you cannot achieve that without a deep understanding of the product, the regulation, the industry and the market. There are no shortcuts in pharma marketing or the health sector in general. Doing pharma marketing means having to constantly learn new things and understanding the “why” cannot be left to just a few people in charge; every single person in our company is an expert in this specialised field. Together, we strive for high quality to achieve the best possible results for our customers. In this process, everyone plays an important role.

Last Friday we gathered to celebrate and cherish our success and to thank each other for a job well done.

*Agency Of The Year, https://www.vuodentoimisto.fi/

The survey is based on the Swedish consultancy firm Regi’s concept. The survey maps client satisfaction when buying marketing, advertising and communication services from the agencies participating in the survey and providing the services. It also sheds light on the criteria influencing the client’s choice of agency and general trends in the marketing sector.