Discovering 3D world’s and virtual reality

Jaana Vuorinen
Art Director

It’s time for me to start a new chapter in life as I begin my doctoral studies at the faculty of Art and Design at the University of Lapland. During these 16 years of my career as a graphic designer and Art Director, inside of me began to grow a feeling that I want to do more. I am especially interested in combining art and technology. The spark to do the research came from the example of my friends and the metaverse discussion.

My goal is to find out what the metaverse and 3D spaces can offer for marketing and communication. How, for example, can the pharmaceutical industry utilize 3D spaces in its communication? What are the capabilities and attitudes of the target group now? There are unlimited possibilities for building the spaces: elements can be brought from the gaming industry, architecture, and cinema, for example.

I want to join the metaverse discussion and find out what’s the current situation, what kind of experiences there are with using virtual reality and how to prepare for the broader introduction to public. Various simulations are already used for training and rehabilitation purposes. My interest is in building fantastic spaces and user experience. I try to limit my own research to what can be done now, so that we can move forward and be more prepared in the future.

The development work of metaverse is still at the beginning and currently gathering information is like fitting the pieces of a puzzle together. Through research, I will try to create something that has not yet been done: there are only wild, untamed thoughts. In a virtual world and simulations, you can literally do anything and there are no artistic limitations.

I try to enjoy the journey. It’s amazing to learn something completely new to me. One must start somewhere and now it´s my time. I’ll be back in a year to share what I discovered!