The mission of KarpaloGroup

As a rewarded creative agency with 20 years of experience in industry, the mission of KarpaloGroup is to help pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare providers in grasping attention and improving human lives around the world. We make sure health marketing always comes with a little twist to make your product stand out and to help you achieve your business goals.

Bland has a high price

Regardless of the marketing medium chosen, you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of your target group. Just a few seconds to deliver a message that reduces discomfort or pain, provides a cure for a rare disease, or makes the rest of someone’s life more tolerable – or even gives someone more time to live.

Bland health marketing is like a placebo going through your body: without the active ingredient or a unique edge it does nothing to truly improve health. This is why we at KarpaloGroup think that in health marketing, bland or even boring advertising can be dangerous.

Karp-e diem!

Are you ready to add a little twist to health marketing?

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#2 Advertising Agency 2024

Silver, Agency of the year 2024, Regi
By Regi Research & Strategi AB
In 2022 and 2023, we won gold
in the category of Advertising agencies with a gross margin of € 1-2 million.

PIF Code of Ethics test passed.

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Johanna Kestilä

Our CEO Johanna loves skiing in wintertime, but whether there’s snow on the ground or not, she is always the first one to lead us fearlessly to new paths.

Suvi Melakoski

Suvi has a gentle, calming effect on those around her. Dancing and swimming in her free time keep her charged.

Outi Ojala

Project Manager
Outi is an experienced project manager who enjoys the rush of downhill skiing in wintertime and the soft sea breeze during the Finnish summer months.

Sari Jääskeläinen

Project Manager
Sari is a project manager and a go-getter with an endlessly positive attitude. She loves trying out new things, new methods and ideas at work. In her free time, she plays golf and paints on canvas.

Raisa Käyhkö

Project Manager
No matter if it’s a national or multinational, big or small work, Raisa’s can-do-attitude means all projects get the same enthusiastic treatment.

Matti Mäkinen

Digital Project Manager
Matti is a project manager and a digital wizard with wide experience in video effects, web design and so much more. You name it, he can create it. Even if you can’t name it just yet.

Marika Armilo

Communications Manager
The official ray of sunshine in the office, Marika is an experienced health communicator with a sharp pen and a tight rein on deadlines.

Viivi Pettersson

Marketing Coordinator
Viivi is our marketing coordinator and the project managers’ right hand. Maybe it’s her technical background that helps her in keeping projects so neat and tidy?

Kukka-Maaria Jaatinen

Creative Director

Our creative director Kukkis has years of solid experience in designing marketing campaigns that are sure to leave a mark. Both in oil-on-canvas and pixels-on-screen, her trademark is in the elegance of details.

Jaana Vuorinen

Art Director

Jaana is always halfway to the future. With her creative and surprising visuals, a design by Jaana is sure to pack a punch.

Emmi Myllärinen

Art Director

Visual culture is close to Emmi’s heart, especially moving images. She’s often on the move herself, whether it be at the tennis court or orienteering in the forests.

Kati Uoti-Helenius

Copywriter, Concept Designer

Kati’s concepts evoke emotions and win the hearts of both colleagues and clients. For relaxing, she prefers trail running and enjoying a good book or heavy metal music.

Johanna Kuusela

Copywriter, Communication Manager

When Jossu isn’t busy working with marketing texts, she is probably seeking inspiration for her poems or some other creative writing project.

Tuuli Matikainen

Medical Copywriter & Digital marketing Specialist

Migrating from pharmacy to copywriting, Tuuli’s creative ideas aim for the sky like the birds she loves to watch in her free time.

Mia Hämäläinen

Graphic Designer

Our talented illustrator Mia enjoys East-Asian culture in general and studio Ghibli films in particular (and hot tea, no matter what).

Moona Ruuttula

Graphic Designer

Moona is a focused, skilled graphic designer who finds peace and inspiration in the Finnish forests.

Eetu Järvinen

Web Developer

Whether you’re looking for new music you didn’t know you needed or just good code, Eetu got you covered.

Emilija Uimolainen

Web Developer

Emilija is a web developer with an ever-positive attitude and the most contagious laughter ever heard on planet Earth.

Niko Auvinen

Post Production Assistant

Videos, photography, songwriting... Niko's easy-going, curious nature lends itself to many things! He has also worked as a presenter and a voiceover artist in video projects.