KarpaloGroup – Integrated marketing expertise since 2001

Who are we?

KarpaloGroup is a creative agency that specialises in health and pharmaceutical marketing. Among our clients are pharmaceutical companies, patient organisations, pharmacies, and medical centres. We also work with banks, engineering businesses and companies in the food industry.

What makes us different?

Our work with hundreds of pharmacists, doctors and health care professionals has given us a deep understanding of the customer journey in the health sector. Every day we work passionately to offer consumers, patients and health care professionals what they need. We stand with you – to make you stand out.

Founded in

16 experienced and creative marketing professionals.

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Here we are

Johanna Kestilä

mobile +358 (0)40 705 4494

Outi Ojala

Project Manager
mobile +358 (0)50 351 7494

Sari Jääskeläinen

Project Manager
mobile +358 (0)40 849 1014

Raisa Käyhkö

Project Manager
mobile +358 (0)40 567 4302

Matti Mäkinen

Digital Project Manager
mobile +358 (0)44 722 9800

Raila Alalammi

Office Secretary
mobile +358 (0)3 3122 9800

Kukka-Maaria Jaatinen

Creative Director

Jaana Vuorinen

Art Director

Kati Uoti-Helenius

Copywriter, Concept Designer

Johanna Yrjänäinen

Copywriter, Communication Manager

Petri Myllyniemi

Communication Manager

Emmi Myllärinen

Production AD, Video Editing

Jorma Luodes

Assistant AD, Print Production

Mia Hämäläinen

Assistant AD

Eetu Järvinen

Web Developer

Emilija Uimolainen

Emilija Uimolainen

Web Developer

e-mail: firstname.lastname@karpalogroup.fi